Jason ‘Hapa’ McCune, 44

San Dimas, CA

Sponsors: FMF, Transworld MX, Boyesen, Evans Waterless Coolant, Shot Race Gear

Jason McCune came out to Milestone MX to the Fall Classic opening round after a long break from racing motocross.  We noticed he unloaded not only his bike, but one for his son, and also had his wife along for to support them both.  We’ve seen Jason at local mountain bike races, but it had been quite some time since we’d seen him racing motocross.  Seeing the father-son racing team that is so common to the Transworld Race Series, we stopped by his pit to catch up with him to see what brings him back to the races.


What brings you out to the Fall Classic race today?

Actually my son brought me out today.  I’d like to get out more often, but with all of the family stuff that we do it is hard to get out here on a weekend.  Now that he is riding moto, it is a lot of fun but it is a lot more nerve-racking for me.  It is his very first race today, so we’ve been a little nervous but it is going good so far.

How long has he been riding?

He’s been riding for a couple years now, he wants to keep going with it, but it is easy for him.  I know what it is like to get hurt as all of us old guys know since we’ve been down that road before.  As long as he is always smiling and having a good time then we will keep doing it, plus now as you get older it is more about the kids so it is cool that you can come out to the Transworld races and they have the kids’ classes and they have the starter classes, which is what he is riding, so you aren’t putting kids who are just starting out with the kids with more ability.  It is a great transitional way to do the racing.  It is very comfortable for the parents as well, or as comfortable as it can be.

How did you get started riding and racing motocross?

I got started through my dad, I grew up riding with him but it was mostly in the desert.  After I graduated from college, I came down here and just started riding.  I bought a CR125 when I was about 25 and me and my three buddies used to ride that up at Gorman all the time.  Once we started getting a little better and clearing jumps and stuff, everyone got their own bikes.  We just kind of took it from there, everyone started racing this series before it was the Transworld Series and having fun.  Motocross is such a great community, it is a love and hate relationship though, just like many others I’ve been injured and stuff too, but you come out here and it is all families and friends and it is always a good time.

What is it about motocross that keeps you coming back?

I’m lucky enough to work in the sport, so I am around it 24/7, so that’s what really keeps me in the sport.  But other than that the friends and the people you meet in the sport of motocross is kind of crazy, they are more than just friends and they are good people and many become your best buddies, even outside of motocross.  It is always good to come see those guys, and then to race them and beat them every once in a while is always fun too.


You mentioned you work in the motocross industry, what is it that you do?

I started my own media relations company a couple years ago called Inside Line Connect.  What I do is I work with the media directly, I work with Transworld MX and a lot of the other media to help promote certain products and brands.  Some of the brands I represent are FMF, Boyesen, Evans and Shot Race Gear.  I work closely with the media to help ensure that we are getting branding in the magazines and online and that type of thing.  I also represent the other side to bring the brands to the media for advertising and stuff like that.

So if someone has a product they want to introduce to the market, you are a type of marketing company to help get them out there?

Definitely a marketing company, but there is also a lot more to it than just that as well that I do.  If you want to get your brand ‘in lights’ then I am and definitely the person to talk to.

What other things do you do besides motocross?

Most of it all revolves around my kid, but we just got back from the river, we also do a lot of family vacations and stuff like that.  But my son plays baseball and hockey, so we are always doing those things.  We are always busy at some sport or another.  I have to imagine that if we continue down the motocross path that we will spend more and more time at the track as well.

When your son starts getting more into racing, will you step back a bit and focus more on his racing?

It’s already happened, he’s lucky because of some of the industry connections he is going to hopefully participate in the KTM Junior SX at Anaheim this year, so I kind of want to get him to get adapted to the bike and riding around other kids.  I don’t think he is a racer by heart, but he definitely likes to go out and have fun and ride with his friends, much like we all grew up doing.  If I take him out by himself, he is just kind of like whatever.  But if I take him out with a bunch of friends he is all about it and goes through tanks of gas like everyone else, just like we all started out.