Kelana Humphrey, 9
Hometown: Indonesia
Sponsors: Deus, FMF, SLMX School, 100%, The Dirt Shop, Dad

The TWMXRS attracts a very diverse group of riders from many different locations. Kelana Humphrey has recently joined the group of racers in the 65cc classes and caught our eye with his perfect riding style. When we caught up with the nine-year old, we learned that he has traveled all the way from Indonesia to live and train with TWMXRS Pro class regular Sean Lipanovich and the crew at SLMX School. Since his travels to California, the kid from Indonesia has improved significantly on the bike, greatly due to the ability to ride more than just one track each day. While growing up in California, a state with such opportunity for motocross racers, we forgot how lucky we have it. Now that Kelana has seen and ridden all the different tracks California has to offer, it’s no wonder as to why he wants to stay here.

How are you liking the track today?
The track is real good! It's nice racing on a new track.

You are quite a-ways from home. How is it being in California?
Being in California is fun. I get to ride on a lot of different tracks, where as back at home I only have one track to ride on. It's awesome being in California and having the ability to ride five different tracks each week.

What have you done here besides ride?
Sean and everyone at the SLMX School are great people, so it's a lot of fun to just hang out with everyone.

You've been racing the full Terra Firma series so far, how has it gone?
It's been alright, I got a sixth place in my first race and have managed to get top fives after that. I have definitely had a lot of fun!

You said you lived pretty close to the beach back in Indonesia, so do you surf at all?
Yeah! I surf about three days a week back at home.

I'm sure you miss your family, but you have to like being out here…
Yeah. I miss them, but I love it out here. Luckily, I have some family in Huntington Beach so I do get to see them when I'm out here.

You have some pretty custom looking gear…
Yeah, my dad actually made the gear for me. I have a white, black, and blue set.

While training in SoCal, what have you been working on with Sean?
We have been riding a lot and focusing more on my technique. We go to the track three to four times a week, and I feel that my speed has improved since day-one.

How limited is your riding back home?
I only have one track to practice on during the week and it rains almost every week, which makes it hard to ride. Even when it isn’t raining at home it is still very humid and hot.

What do you like to do besides race motocross?
I like to ride BMX bikes, go surf, and sometimes play soccer.