Marissa Polencheck, 22

Canyon Lake, CA

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Marissa Polencheck has come out to the first two rounds of the Fall Classic Series racing in the Women’s Novice class as well as the 450 Novice class.  Right out of the gate in the Women’s Novice class, we saw Polencheck get out in front and hit the already choppy Competitive Edge track with ease.  The sound of her wringing out her 250 2stroke was music as she would go by on the fast sections of the track.  Originally from Glidden, WI, we tracked down Marissa between motos to get to know more about her and what brings her out to the races.


What brings you out to the Fall Classic Series today?

Just to get back into racing, I did some of the WMX races last year, but I haven’t raced any this year, so just to kind of get into the swing of racing and be able to hit the WMX rounds when they come back out here in the spring.

What are your thoughts about the current state of the WMX racing?

It is getting much better again, it’s gone from 8 rounds to 10 now.  It was nice when they would have us up at Hangtown and we would race between the men’s races, that’s when it was the most fun, but it is getting there again.  It isn’t like we can make a career out of it anyway so it is all fun and games.

How did you get started riding and racing motocross?

When I was growing up in Wisconsin, I had a friend down the road from our cabin outside of town, and he had an XR80 and I would ride it around.  I was telling my dad that I wanted a dirtbike.  We had a deer farm with like 20 deer, and one of our customers had a kid that raced and he saw me riding around.  He offered to trade a dirtbike for a deer, and that was how I got my first bike.  I started going to some of the local races and just started racing.

What keeps you racing motocross?  It isn’t a sport many women participate in.

It is just the fun of it, once you start riding dirtbikes you are stuck forever!  You can’t ever leave!  It is purely the fun, I like to race with the boys once in a while also to switch it up a little.  I just have a passion for it.

Do you have to ride a little more aggressive in the 450F class than you do in the Women’s class?

I try, but I am a pretty clean rider though.  I haven’t had any guys do me dirty on the track, so it’s going good, but I try to battle and race with them.


What is your biggest accomplishment in racing so far?

I got a third at the Mini O’s, that was a WMX round out there and it was my first and only podium at the time.  I was living down in Florida at the time and that was all we did was ride and race.  My whole life was motocross and I would say that was probably my peak and I was able to get a podium.


Do you have a training program as you get ready to race the upcoming WMX races?

I am a personal trainer, so I have a lot of knowledge with the fitness for sports and everything.  But right now it is a lot of cardio, endurance training, running and just getting on the bike.  The best training just getting as much time on the dirtbike as you can, then maybe get on the spin bike, rower, hit the gym and eat healthy.

What other hobbies do you have outside of motocross?

I like to take my road bike out, I have also played basketball my whole life, go to the beach, honestly just being outside and anything to do with sports.  If it is outside in the sun, I don’t care what it is.

What brought you out to California from Wisconsin?

Actually it was motocross!  I was hooked up with Ashley Fiolek, I moved in with her, I couldn’t pass that up.  When I was in Florida, I thought I was going back to Wisconsin and didn’t really have any plans.  I had the opportunity to live with Ashley, and the next week I was out here, and here I am!  I went back to school, you can ride all year long, nice weather and all that stuff.