Mark Lengner, 45

Costa Mesa, CA

Sponsors: Lengner & Sons Express, ONeal, AXO

Mark Lengner is one of the regulars at the Transworld Race Series, he is at most every round competing in the 40+ Novice and Vet Novice Open classes.  Lengner pilots his YZ450F during his races, and in between motos can be found getting his son ready and cheering him on during his races.  Mark can always be seen wandering through the pits with a smile and having a great time on race day.


How did you get started riding motocross?

I started when I was a little kid, I raced competitively 6-10 years or somewhere around there, but once the parents stopped paying we stopped racing.  So about 20 years later, I got together with some of the guys I used to race with when we were kids, they had gotten back into racing again and I followed them back into it.  That was in 2007 and I’ve been going ever since and it’s been a blast!

After taking that long break, what was it about motocross that got you back into racing?

I’ve always loved motocross, I always wanted to get back into it but I just didn’t have any friends that were doing it to go with.  Then I met up with the Ellis brothers and they convinced me to get back into it with them.  Sure enough I did and I’ve been having a blast ever since!

What kind of hobbies did you have in the 20 years that you were out of motocross?

I played football up through college, I did a lot of surfing and stuff like that.  That’s really about it.

What is your job during the week?

I have a trucking company in the harbor at the Port of Long Beach, it is actually a family business and we’ve been in it for 40 years.  I go to work Monday through Friday, 8-5 or more, and run the family business.

Between work and weekend racing, how often do you go ride just for fun and practice?

I try to ride at least once a week, but I probably average about three times a month.  That’s about the best I can do sometimes.  I have a family and kids at home, and my kid likes to race now too and so we all have a blast at it.


How old is your son?

He is 10 years old, he rides a KTM 65 and he’s been doing it since he was 4 years old.  He races with Transworld races and Moto X Kids races.  He’s been meeting all kinds of people and having a great time.

You’re one of the regular competitors here at the Transworld Series, what do you like about these races?

We have a good little group here and every time we come out we meet somebody new.  You get to have some great battles with the guys in your class and then you make friends with them after that.  It is just great camaraderie and a fun race club.

Is there a lot of bench racing in your group in the week after the races?

Yeah, we all get on each other during the week and set it up for the next race.  We go back and forth and it is a lot of fun.

What other hobbies do you have besides motocross?

I do a little surfing, that’s probably about it really.  I don’t do anything else besides the motocross and the surfing, but my son plays football, does some surfing and rides BMX, so that keeps me busy.