TWMX Race Series Racer Profile | Parker Avance

Terra Firma Series FInale

By Chase Curtis

Parker Avance, 15

Hometown: Victorville, CA

Sponsors: Bud Racing, Avid MX, O'Neal MX, Off-Road Bully, ASV, United Security, Dedicated Ride Co.

Nearly 600 Southern California riders joined us for the final round of the 2017 Terra Firma series at Milestone MX, of those was the newly returned Parker Avance. The 15-year old was a regular to the TWMXRS up until last winter, when he broke his leg after a bad start resulted in a crash. Following his recovery, Parker is now working on improving his skills on a big-bike and regaining muscle in his leg. The kid out of Victorville now knows the possible outcomes of a bad start, and since then has prevented getting tangled up by snagging some solid starts. After only two months on the bike, Parker is already looking comfortable and back to his normal self. We had the chance to catch-up with the TWMXRS regular and discuss his injury and future plans.

What brings you out to the TWMXRS?
Glen Helen was my first race back a few weekends ago, and it went pretty good. So we have been racing since then and progressing each week.

You broke your leg months ago at Glen Helen…
Yeah. I got hung-up in the gate and had to work from the back of the pack, but then another rider in front of me turned left into me and it went bad from there.

How long was the recovery process?
I was about six months, so quite some time off of the bike and away from my normal routine.

As far as strength, do you feel close to 100%?
My leg is all healed now and I have confidence in it, but I lost so much muscle from not doing anything. Once I regain the muscle in my calf and thigh, I'll be at 100%.

While recovering, you got a big bike…
Yeah, I love the new bike! I might race the 85cc a little more, but for the most part, I will be on the big bike from now on.

How long have you been riding since the doctor released you?
I believe I've been back on the bike for two months now, I wanted to get comfortable again before I went back to racing.

After recovery, was it rough riding at first?
Yeah, it was pretty sketchy when I first got on the bike again. I was scared to put my foot down, which sucked, so my right turns were good but my left turns needed some work (laughs).

Before your accident, you were a regular at the TWMXRS. What brings you back so consistently?
We always love the TWMX races because of all the great people involved. I met Dylan, the race series announcer, a few years ago when he told me about the series. Since then, my family and I have loved this series and all the friends we have made from it.

During your first race back at Glen Helen, you seemed to be on the track quite-a-bit…
Yeah, I had a lot of motos at my first race back, luckily they were spread out. I ended up racing on the last moto of the day, which I was excited for because, for the past few weeks, I had been riding at Glen Helen on pro day. I feel really comfortable on rough tracks now.

Unfortunately, you missed out on all the amateur nationals due to injury. What are your plans for this coming season?
In January, I plan on racing as many qualifiers as I can. Obviously, I have the goal to go to Mammoth and Loretta’s, so we will see. I just want to race as much as possible this coming season.

What goes through your head on race day?
I'm pretty comfortable on race day, but I still get some nerves going through me for sure. I just try and focus on myself, and not others on race day.