TWMX Race Series Racer Profile

Wayne Ashby
Age: 44
Hometown: Downey, CA
Classes Raced: 40 Intermediate, Vet Intermediate
Sponsors: Alias, Mid-Cities Honda Kawasaki in Paramount

Wayne Ashby has been a regular in the TWMX Race Series for many years, and he is always a top contender on his two- and four-stroke race bikes. Lately, Ashby has been joined by his son on the weekends, which makes for great family time!

How long have you been racing and what led you to choose motocross?

I’ve been racing for about 14 years, got into motocross because I basically grew up trail riding and I just wanted to try motocross. It seemed fun and led me to racing.

Who is your biggest influence in your racing?
I don’t know if I have an influence or a favorite racer. I do this just for me, I like to have fun. It’s an adrenaline rush and that keeps me coming out here.

Do you participate in any other sports or have any hobbies?

I do off-road racing which is the same type of sport, but no, I don’t have any other hobbies besides riding my street bike. And working out.

What are your favorite types of tracks and track obstacles?

I like a tighter, jumpier tracks. Not necessarily big jumps but, tracks that you’re on and off the brakes a lot. Tracks like Milestone and Perris suit my style very well, but tracks like Glen Helen and Cahuilla, I struggle on.

Tell me about your bike and why you chose it, and what have you done to make it work for you?

Like I said, Mid-Cities Honda is my main sponsor and so I bought a Honda. One of the things I have to do since I’m a bigger guy, I body-build, I had to change the handlebars and beef up the spring suspension. As far as the power, the motor is stock.

How is racing in the Vet classes different than regular classes?

I think in the Vet class we all work. We gotta go to work on Monday. That’s the main thing, so I’m out here not trying to prove anything, I want to have fun and do well, I’m competitive but I just want to make sure I’m safe. If I’m not having a good time, I’m not gonna race.


What satisfaction do you get from a good weekend of racing?

You know, a lot of these guys are all my friends, we’ve been racing together for years now so we come out here and get to hang. We pit race, go out on the track and throw dirt and rocks at each other, and come into the pits and laugh about it. It makes it all a good time! And I got my son into it now, so he’s racing too now, I kinda turned it into a family thing.

How old is your son and how long has he been riding?

He’s 17 now. So, he’s been doing it for about 3 years. He loves it!

The Trans Am Vet Classic is March 23-25 at Glen Helen, do you think you will try to attend?

Oh, I’ll definitely be there, bringing both bikes, my two-stroke to race in the 250 class and my 450 to race in the Vet class.