TWMX Race Series Racer Profile

Name: Zachary Pursley
Age: 14
Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA
Classes Raced: Intro Beginner and Open Beginner
Sponsors: Torc1 Racing, Red Label MX, Mom and Dad, Big Red Race Rockets

Zachary Pursley has been racing with the TWMX Race Series for a couple years now, and he has steadily gained speed and moved towards the front of the beginner classes. A die-hard two-stroke racer, Zachary recently tried out a four-stroke and decided that mixing gas and hauling as was more his style. We caught up with him at the 2018 season kickoff at Glen Helen, where he scored the win in the Open Beginner class.

How long have you been racing and what led you to choose motocross?

I’ve been racing for a year, this is my second year now and I chose motocross because it’s very fun and I like the commitment in the sport. Being on the bike I feel free, I have a good time all the time.

You’re riding a 125cc two-stroke against 250cc four-strokes; what is it about the two-stroke that you prefer?

What I prefer is just the challenge of racing the 250s and 450s because they have a lot more pull in the corner, but riding the two-stroke I’ve learned a lot of how to clutch the bike and figuring out how to corner a lot better than I probably would on a four-stroke.

How seriously do you take racing, is it just for fun or do you have bigger aspirations?

Right now, I’m doing it for fun but soon it might become a little more serious.

Who is your biggest inspiration in riding?

My biggest influence is probably my dad, Ryan. He makes it possible for me and he has taught me everything.

What are your favorite types of tracks and track obstacles?

My favorite tracks are probably Milestone and LACR. Favorite obstacles are whoops and cornering.

At the TransWorld Race Series, we try to offer a better racing experience, what do you think of our events?

They're fun, and I think they’re really good.

What is your favorite thing about being a racer?

The fun atmosphere.

What would you rather do, holeshot a race and run away or come from behind to win?

Holeshot a race and run away because the holeshot feeling is just really awesome when you’re pulling out in front of everybody, it feels good.

Tell me about your bike and why you chose it, and what have you done to make it work for you?

I chose my bike because at the time it seemed like the right bike for me to learn and figure out how to ride. I haven’t really done anything to it, it’s pretty much stock.