TWMX Race Series Rules and Regulations


Entrants, riders, and participants are required to know and understand the rules and regulations which cover a TWMX event and are (by reason of their entry) definitely bound by such rules and regulations. Each participant in the event has the responsibility to assess the safety aspects of track facilities and conditions and must assume the risk of competition. It is the rider’s or guardian’s responsibility to know his or her limitations and to ride within those limitations. Never should a rider be allowed to compete when the rider is not 100 percent both mentally and physically.

From time to time, circumstances and conditions will require modifications of some rules. Such modifications are at the sole discretion of TWMX race officials.


Membership: Membership: TWMX membership ($35 includes Membership t-shirt and one year subscription to Transworld Motocross Magazine) is required to enter a race and is valid from January 1 to December 31 of the current year. Also available is a one-day membership that is good for one (1) event at $10.

Transponders: The rider or guardian is responsible to make sure the transponder is mounted correctly, is fully charged and is on the bike for all motos. If the transponder is not on the bike, it may result in no score for that moto; this will be determined by the head scorekeeper (this could effect trophy position or pro pay back). A valid driver’s license is required as a deposit for the transponder and will be returned once the transponder is turned in. Rider will be responsible for lost transponders and will be charged $200 as a replacement fee.

Bike Number: This is required on all three (3) number plates as a scoring back-up.

Entry Form: Must be completed in full for each event, and the Participant Assumption of Risk and Liability Release must be signed by the rider/guardian. Rider or riders participating on the course without first being entered for the race will be subject to disqualification and or suspension.

Changing Bikes: A rider can only ride one bike per moto and cannot switch bikes after the start of the moto. A rider may ride a different bike in every moto as long as it is a qualified bike for that class.

Starting Gate Pick: Rider’s first moto will be assigned in the order of sign-up, and the second moto will be based on first moto finish position.

Cutting The Race Course: Any rider cutting the course or missing obstacles or going inside of markers/hay bales on the track can be penalized positions in that moto by TWMX race officials. If the rider leaves the course during a race for any reason and then decides to resume the race, he or she must re-enter at his/her point of exit before another lap may be counted in his/her favor. If it is unsafe or impossible to re-enter at his/her point of exit, rider must re-enter at the safest possible place, which is closest to his/her exit as possible without improving his/her position.

Official Flags: All flag signals must be obeyed immediately by all riders. Any rider who disregards any flag signal may be penalized or suspended; this is to be decided by TWMX race officials.

Green Waved: Start of race

Yellow: Danger on track, use caution, reduce speed, hold position

White: One lap to go to finish

Black: Rider stop and see race official

Red: Stop of race

Blue: Move over, rider trying to pass

Black and White Checkered: Finish, end of race (if there is a flagging issue, example, if rider receives two (2) white flag laps, always keep racing until rider sees the checkered flag, unless a red flag comes out).

Refund Policy: No cash refund policy for race registration or membership, only race credits will be provided at TWMX’s discretion. Once racing has started, no race credits will be given.

Scoring: If a rider has a scoring issue, he/she has 30 minutes once the results have been posted to resolve the scoring issue. After 30 minutes, the results will be final at the discretion of TWMX race officials.

Unsportsmanlike Behavior: This will not be tolerated by Parents, Guardians, Spectators or Participants and will result in immediate disciplinary action on behalf of TWMX.

Alcohol Or Drugs: Any racer found consuming alcohol or any drug will not be allowed to compete. Any spectator found consuming excessive amounts of alcohol will be asked to leave the event.

Restarting Race: There will be no restarts unless it is the opinion of the TWMX Officials or First Aid Attendants that it will endanger the participants involved or if there is a malfunction in the start gate or some interference as determined by the TWMX race officials. If for any reason the race must be stopped, it will be considered completed if over 50 percent of the race has been run.

Practice: Rider must be signed up for the event before going out on the course for practice or rider will be subject to disqualification and/or suspension. All riders must enter the track at the starting-line area and ride in his/her correct practice or rider will be subject to being penalized.

Moving Riders Up Or Down In Class: The TWMX officials have the right to require an individual rider to participate in a class that, in TWMX’s opinion, is equal to the rider’s ability. A rider may be moved up or down in any class by the TWMX race officials determined by the rider’s ability and lap times.

Penalties and Protests: Protests may only be made by a rider or entrant of a machine in the same class as the protested machine or rider. All protests, whether of rider, rule violation, or machine, must clearly state in writing which part or parts or rule violation is being protested. All protest must be signed by the rider submitting the protest. The signed protest must be presented to the TWMX officials within 15 minutes of the posting of the results of the class in question. In the event of a questionable protest where rules and regulations are not specific, a ruling will be made by the TWMX officials.

Protest On Rider’s Age Or Classification: Protesting a rider’s classification must be accompanied by results or other information in reference to any recognized race organization.

All Motocross Classes will ride at least two motos if time and conditions permit. If any changes are necessary, they will be posted on the scoring board along with announcements over the PA system as soon as possible.

Race Class Highlights: 85cc/150F Big Wheels are only allowed in the 85cc/150F Starter, Beginner, Novice and Open/Super Mini classes. Big wheels are not allowed in any of the age brackets 85cc/150F classes.

School Boy: Rider can ride a 125cc/144cc/250F. Rider must be 17 or younger, and age is of the first of the year. No 125-450F Intro-Beginner in this class.

Open (Non Pro): Rider can ride a 125cc-450cc two- or four-stroke bike in this class. No 125-450F Intro-Beginner or Pro riders in this class.

250F: Rider can ride a 250F in the 450F classes, except the 450F Novice class (no 250F in the 450F Novice class).

250cc Two-Strokes: Rider can ride in the 450F class.

Age Classes: Age is as of January 1 of the current year except for Vet Classes. Vet Classes are determined by rider’s current age of race day. Mini Riders: May only ride one age bracket per event.

Pro Pay Back: There is Pro Pay Back in all Pro classes (250F, 450F, Open Pro, 30+). Thirty dollars ($30) goes toward the Pro Purse for each entry. TWMX pays per moto and spread it out over the top 50 percent or more in class (example: 10 in class = top 5 riders would get paid each moto).

Protective Race Equipment: Riders must wear leather boots extending far enough up the leg so as no gap occurs between boots and the bottom of the pant leg when in any riding position. Boots must also offer adequate ankle support and shin protection.

Riders must wear helmets at all times during the course of the events. Helmets must meet current D.O.T. and or Snell approval and be in good condition.

All riders must wear full-coverage clothing of close-fitting design made of material suited as to provide adequate protection to the rider.

Eye protection must be worn at all times and must be shatter/splinter-proof material. If vision becomes blocked or in any way impaired, it is the rider’s responsibility to correct the problem before starting or continuing any event. Gloves and shoulder pads are recommended for additional protection.

Vet Classes Dropping Down In Class: A vet rider may drop down a class for every age bracket he/she is dropping. If the rider is too advanced, he/she will have to move back up to the normal class they run in all age brackets.

Motorcycle Regulations: All classes are open to Mod bikes but restricted to that class cc limit except Pee Wee Classes are limited to 61cc.

All side stands or stands of any type must be removed from any motorcycle before it is on the race course.

All controls must be in good condition and operating efficiently. Cables must be in good order and adjusted. No components are allowed to be wired or taped to the bike.

Footrests must be positioned so as to give easy access to any control lever. Footrests must be the folding type.

No paddle or spiked tires are allowed.

Gasoline must be produced by a recognized commercial manufacturer and available to the general public.

Series Points: Series points are awarded for rider’s overall score for the day. Example 1st = 45 points, 2nd = 43, 3rd = 41, 4th =40, 5th = 39, 6th = 38, 7th = 37 through 40th = 1 point.

Dropping A Round In The Series – Rider can drop one (1) round in the series and still be eligible for series points and prizes. Rider’s worst round will be dropped by the computer after each event.

Starter classes (50cc, 65cc, 85cc, 125-450cc) are geared towards new racer with around 6 months of racing or less. If there is 5 or more in class, 1st place will get moved out to the next class up in skill. If there is 15 or more, than 1st and 2nd will be moved out to the next class up in skill level for their next race. Moved racers will carry 80% of there points to the next class.

No Spectators on the Race Track, except in designated viewing area’s.

Awards and Prizes: Awards and prizes not picked up on the day of the event or designated pick-up date by TWMX will be forfeited if not claimed by the racer. Day end trophies are awarded to the top 30 percent in each class and are available after the final scoring for each race has been posted. Series end trophies are awarded to the top three (3) in each class regardless of the number of entries in that class (no class minimum).

Participation Trophies: Regardless of finish position, the following classes are awarded a participation trophy at each event: PW/XR Intro, Pee Wee Starter, 65cc Starter, 65cc Beginner, 85/150 Starter.

Series Prizes: Series prizes are awarded to the top 30 percent in each class regardless of the number of entries in that class (no class minimum). In addition, a random drawing is held for any additional prizes available for other participants in the series regardless of finish position.