West Coast Open Kickoff Weekend

Milestone MX

Sunday April 2nd kicks off the 2017 West Coast Open Series for TWMXRS by SPY.  So far 2017 has been setting records with attendance and clearly our two track format and 60+ class options to choose from is working!  Many of our largest classes are for the younger beginners and the Amateur Track overall has been carrying the most moto’s so far this year.  A good sign for the growth of the race series.

This is vindicating because we set out to create a race series that got riders off their normal practice schedule to challenge themselves by lining up on the gate with their friends.  With an amazing crew running the event in such a professional manner and managing the two track format with great efficiency it is apparent that we are on the right track.  It’s amazing to see the riders come up to see their lap times after each moto and start the bench racing before they have even stopped sweating.

The first round of any series is a unique event.  A clean slate where everyone starts at zero points.  Some riders have been moved up to a higher class and others are looking to claim the elusive overall championship at their skill level.  This is where is all starts!

Milestone MX, in Riverside Ca, is the home of our race this weekend.  The only track in So Cal open 7 days a week, these guys push more dirt and burn more diesel than anyone else.  Creating a unique track with limited geography has become an art form at Milestone and riders with confidence in the air as well as in the ruts will be rewarded with top finishes.

We hope that you decide to join us this weekend.  You will find all the needed details below!

Friday – Open Practice 9am – 7pm.  Overnight parking is available and gates close at 7pm.  $35 covers your RV for the weekend.

Saturday – Open Practice 9am – 4pm.  Milestone splits practices with 20 minute sessions for mini’s after 11am.  Typically each track will get 2-3 split sessions and be open practice the rest of the day.  Overnight parking is available and gates close at 8pm.  $20 covers your RV for the night.

Sunday – Gates open at 6am.  Practice for racers only starts at 8:00am.  Racing will follow once the race schedule is posted.  There is no pre determined race schedule.

Pre Register and CLICK HERE to save $5 per class