2016 Anaheim Two SX | GoPro Onboard

Seely, Millsaps, Oldenburg POV

One of our favorite parts of the race season is onboard coverage compiled by the staff at GoPro. As a major sponsor to Monster Energy Supercross Series, the company is able to stick their famed line for Hero4 cameras practically anywhere they want. Lucky for us, they snapped cameras onto Davi Millsaps, Cole Seely, and Mitchell Oldenburg for the 2016 Anaheim Two SX, the second round of the long series. The three riders had very exciting races, complete with leading laps, big jump combinations, and even a few small mistakes.

Props to the riders for bouncing back from everything and to the GoPro editors for leaving in both the good and bad moments from the night. And to Millsaps for turning his sponsor logos so they read correctly on camera.

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2016 Anaheim Two SX | 450 Class Main Event | Davi Millsaps

2016 Anaheim Two SX | 450 Class Main Event | Cole Seely

2016 Anaheim Two SX | 250 Class Main Event | Mitchell Oldenburg