“What’s that black thing on the rider’s helmet?” That is one of the most asked questions when we post a photo to social media. It’s the LITPro, a multi-function piece of hardware that records the speed, g-forces, riding lines, and jump distances and heights of a moto on the track. Teams and trainers at the pro level have used this technology for quite some time, and now it is available to the public. 

On Friday afternoon, Ricky Carmichael connected a LITPro to the SONY Action Camera on his helmet and turned a few laps on the 2016 Daytona SX track, a course that was created by the multi-time champion. With the LITPro, you can see the exact size of obstacles are and how fast one must go to clear a SX triple.

Want to see something even cooler? A new feature of the LITPro is the ability to pair the device with a heart rate monitor, so it’s now possible to see just how hard your internal engine is working when on the track. Ryan Dungey used the feature during a practice moto last week at the Baker’s Factory in Florida and the numbers charted are incredible.

LITPro Lap w/ Ryan Dungey – Preparing for Daytona SX 2016 from LITPro on Vimeo.