2016 TWMX Mini Major | Jett Reynolds GoPro OnBoard

Meet The Newest Supermini Class Ripper

For those on hand at our 2016 TWMX Mini Major, the small kid aboard the number 79 Team Green Kawasaki made a lasting impression of speed. Busting out holeshots in practically every moto against his older competitors, some were probably wondering who he even was! Known among the amateur scene for years (see: 102 national titles), Jett made the transition to a¬†Supermini for our event and was all smiles when he realized just how much faster he could go on the bigger bike. A few small bike issues and some mistakes of his own (see lap three of this video!) kept him from taking an overall, but the speed was seen by everyone. Jett has Villopotb-Esque style, and will be one to watch in the coming years. Press play for the entire moto from Jett’s perspective…

Follow Jett on Instagram: @jettreynolds79

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