2017 Transworld Motocross 250 Shootout

Behind The Scenes Of The TWMX 250 Shootout

Film: Jordan Powell @powelldigitalmedia

Edit: Casey Davis

Another year and another batch of bikes new and improved for 2017. Each year, we get the opportunity to test each one of these machines individually at their respected manufacturer introductions, but it’s not until shootout season that we have a chance to ride each bike back-to-back in the same day. It’s the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with each bike and to learn each of their new advances thanks to every one of the manufacturer representatives who are on hand to properly dial in each bike for each test rider. For a look at what goes into each shootout, follow along in this behind the scenes video from Perris Raceway for the 2017 TWMX 250 Shootout.