2017 Tucker Rocky Dealer Show | Product Videos

New products from MX brands


Last week motorcycle accessories distribution giant Tucker Rocky invited their valued dealers from around the United States to Texas for their 2017 product showcase with brands that fill the company’s massive catalog. Since the event came at the same time as the 2017 Arlington SX, we stopped by the show and saw new products from Bill’s Pipes, Mobius Braces, 100%, Cycra Racing, Hinson Racing, Xtrig, and Web Funnel Filter.

Charles Castloo takes us through the Spring 2017 line of products from 100%.

Bill’s Pipes
Brandon Dunn takes us through the product line of two-stroke and four-stroke exhaust systems from Bill’s Pipes.

Cycra Racing
Glen Laivins shows off the new Kawasaki and Suzuki body panels from Cycra Racing.

Mobius Braces
Scott Watanabe showcases the X8 knee brace and wrist brace from Mobius Technologies.

Web Funnel Filter
Niels van Kempen explains the unique design of the Funnel Web Filter.

Hinson Racing
Ron Hinson explains the two new clutch systems for 2017 Honda CRF450R from Hinson Racing.

Rick Green of Technical Touch USA explains the details of the Xtrig ROCS Triple Clamps.