A Day in the Dirt Preview – The Kids of ADITD

With A Day in the Dirt drawing near, the TransWorld crew has been lucky enough to get some practice days at the LACR track. This last week, we ran into Troy Lee’s and Jeff Ward’s young ones as they, too, were preparing for the big Thanksgiving weekend race. Seeing the kids out there reminded us just how much A Day in the Dirt is weekend for the whole family. It is as much about the kids as it is the rest of us racers. These kids look forward to ADITD even more than we do…which is saying alot. Anywho, watching the kids on, and off, the track was pretty entertaining, so we thought we’d pass it on to you.

If you haven’t signed up for A Day in the Dirt, you better get on it. It’s your chance to block pass Swap.

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