Cairoli & Rossi At 2015 Monza Rally Show

Moto stars race rally cars in Italy

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If there’s something we’ve learned in all of our time overseas in the last few weeks, it’s that Europe loves all forms of motorsports. Advertisements featuring Formula1 and MotoGP seem to be everywhere and the stars of each series are treated like A-list stars are in the US. In Italy each November some of the best racers are brought together for the annual Monza Rally Show, a special event with specially built rally cars take to the famed race course. Moto was represented well in the paddock this year with Antonio Cairoli and Valentino Rossi, as both turned impressive laps behind the wheel of their machines. Rossi went on to win the event by nearly a minute, even besting Rally World Champion Thierry Neuville. Cairoli, meanwhile, suffered a flat tire in the final stage of the race and fell from a podium finish to the retired list.

By the looks of these videos, either guy could have a hell of a future in four wheels after their moto days are done…

Antonio Cairoli At 2015 Monza Rally Show

Valentino Rossi At 2015 Monza Rally Show