We stumbled upon a gold mine when digging through the Monster Energy Supercross YouTube channel. Hidden among the hundreds of videos filmed each weekend as a part of their Race Day Live coverage are eleven complete Bar To Bar videos, dating from 2004 to 2014. These highlight films were once the only way a fan could recap the action of a past year and were sold in the merchandise racks at every Supercross event. Hell, we even have a few stacks hidden somewhere at our homes and offices.

It’s incredible to see just how much the sport has changed in the past decade, from the incoming/outgoing talent that has lined up behind the gate to the constant advances in technology. We’ve only gotten a few minutes into the videos, but our night will be spent watching as many hours of racing as possible.

Couple quick things we’ve noticed and remember too well. Please, add your own memories in the comments below.

– Why did it take so long to figure out a girl is a perfect operator for the thirty-second card procedure?
– Remember the AMA/Jam Sports vs Clear Channel/FIM debacle? Good thing cooler heads prevailed, because our sport could have taken a huge step backward if the two dueling championships thing would have actually happened.
– The footage from the races in Europe and Canada always looked a little bit different.
– Leaded fuel. And Ricky’s “threat” to quit if the penalty was upheld.
– Ricky Carmichael’s Honda Element, mini bike, and motorhome was rad.
– Damn! Kevin Windham really nailed David Vuillemin at Phoenix. Getting those ten points back was probably harder than the hit.
– What happened to the Slim Jim, Speed Stick, SoBe, Butterfinger, Boost Mobile, Air Nautique, US Smokeless Tobacco, Tissot, Doc Martens, Napster, Air Force sponsorship money?
– From bikes to announcers, the sound of racing changed so much between 2004 and 2006. Ralph Shaheen has been the voice of SX since 2006.
– What’s Steve Whitlock up to these days?
– The different designs of obstacles on the tracks are by far the starkest contrast between each year. This had a huge impact on the riding styles of each rider. Courses went from being wide and fast to slow and abrupt.
– Diamond earrings.
– No Fear, Alloy, Oxbow gear.
– The first videos are actually the best ones because they showed more pure race highlights than the newer videos.
– Kevin Windham was already talking about retirement in 2005. He didn’t ultimately step away until 2013.
– That split start at Anaheim Three in 2005 was funky. Cool, but funky.
– There’s something strange about seeing Jeremy McGrath crash.
– Chad Reed wearing something other than blue gear on a Yamaha was such an achievement and showed the negotiating power he had. Especially with that paste colored Thor setup.
– How did James Stewart finish that main event at Toronto 2007 in that much pain?
– The Jacksonville 2009 neck grab.
– Heather Voss…
– Vancouver moon dirt.
– Ricky won a shit-ton. Even in 2007, when it didn’t mean a championship.
– Track designers: please watch the 2004-2005 videos. Those layouts were amazing and allowed plenty of passing opportunities.

Bar To Bar | 2004

Bar To Bar | 2005

Bar To Bar | 2006

Bar To Bar | 2007

Bar To Bar | 2008

Bar To Bar | 2009

Bar To Bar | 2010

Bar To Bar | 2011

Bar To Bar | 2012

Bar To Bar | 2013

Bar To Bar | 2014