Catching Up With Ross Maeda

My brother Ross Maeda suffered paralyzing injuries in a motocross crash in September of 2009, and he’s made some great improvements inĀ  the past 18 months. Ross works out weekly at Project Walk, a spinal cord injury center that specializes in helping its clients overcome the effects of such injuries. Traditional health care and therapy provided by insurance companies merely help SCI sufferers to “adapt to their new way of life,” but therapists at Project Walk try to get nerves and muscles firing again. Since his injury, Ross has regained feeling to just below his waist, temperature sensation in both thighs, and some promising movement in both legs. Last week, I left work early and dropped in on Ross’ weekly workout at Project Walk, which is coincidentally located only a couple miles from our offices in Carlsbad, California. I know it’s not your standard motocross video that you’d find here at, but I just wanted to share. My big brother is an amazing guy, and an inspiration to many. Thanks.

– swap

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