Day In The Dirt 18 | Coup De Grace Trophy

Fasthouse & TLD make one awesome award

We’ve waited all year for next week’s Red Bull Day In The Dirt, the eighteenth running of a race that is so perfectly Southern California moto. There’ll be so many laps turned in the numerous races over three days at Glen Helen Raceway that it seems unreal, but the last race on Sunday afternoon is the one that matters most. The Coup De Grace puts every rider willing (or dumb enough) to ride on the track when it’s at its worst for an unspecified amount of time, with the checkered flag coming only when the officials think we’ve had enough. 

What do you get for finishing the melee in first place? A truly one of a kind trophy that Fasthouse and Troy Lee Designs spend months coming up with. Cars, guns, guitars, and even toilets have been presented to the winner of the CdG, so this year’s victor will take home a custom-painted Traeger Grills BBQ. Now, we’re already assuming some off-road racing pro will come out and smoke the field next week but we’ll probably still ride a bit over our heads in hopes of winning this next smoker…