Day Shift | Supercross In The Afternoon

Pit Pass | Presented by Leatt

Last weekend’s race in New Jersey was quite different than normal, as it marked the first time Monster Energy Supercross was held during daylight hours. (Now, we know you’re thinking that the Daytona race used to run in the daytime, but that event has never been under the control of Feld/Live Nation/SFX/Pace, and hasn’t been held during the afternoon in nearly a decade.) Why move everything up from 7PM to 3PM? Because Feld and FOX Sports worked out a deal to broadcast the race in a primetime slot on local FOX outlets around the country instead of the specialized sports channel on basic cable.

From the sound of things, this early afternoon schedule could become part of the normal routine because the current 7PM start time is far too late for television viewers on the East Coast. Getting to the track a bit earlier and ending the night much sooner was great for us, as it gave us plenty of time to talk with riders and work after the checkered flag. Throughout the day we polled people in the pits to find out their thoughts on the format, and it sounded like everyone was a fan.