Raced and developed by the riders at the pinnacle of our sport for a few years now, the all-new Dunlop Geomax MX33 tires have finally become available to the general public. Designed to provide excellent traction in intermediate- to soft-terrain, the new MX33 features more knobs in the center and middle rows than the MX3S tire it replaces. An all-new rubber compound, combined with the new tie-bar support bridges that connect the side knobs together, are designed to not only yield greater grip; but longer tire life, too. Furthermore, Dunlop’s patented Block-In-Block knob design has been further refined with a new internal block shape on the rear tire. More importantly, the feature has been incorporated into the front tire, too.

The MX33 rear tire features an increase in knob blocks. The center row is up to 33 from 30 on the MX3S, and the middle to shoulder rows are up to 39 from 36. Furthermore, the block-in-block design features a new internal block shape.

Dunlop invited the press to Zaca Station in Central California last week to take our initial rides on the all-new MX33 tires. Traction was ideal on the picturesque track, but it was easy to detect a big improvement in front-tire grip. In portions of the track that sometimes cause our front tire to push or wander, the new MX33 stayed glued to the ground, inspiring confidence and providing consistent and predictable traction. Flat corners were noticeably easier to navigate at speed, as the MX33 front made it possible to steer through the directional changes with confidence. The MX33 front also enjoyed superb traction in ruts, without a tendency to climb out of them, and we found ourselves anxious to return to SoCal to see how it performed in less-than-ideal conditions. To our delight, we found that the new Dunlop worked just as great at Cahuilla Creek MX (decomposed granite) and Milestone MX (clay-based). Compared to the MX3S front tire that it replaces, the MX33 feels more predictable as it leans into the corners, as the side knobs have more support thanks to the tie-bars between knobs. The new tie-bar design should eliminate the side-knob breakage that was common with the old MX3S, especially when the tire was used on firmer surfaces.

The new MX33 front tire is arguably the best front intermediate- to soft-terrain tire we’ve ridden with.

But what about the new MX33 rear tire? To be honest, we had no issues with the MX3S that it replaces, and the new MX33 works just as well as we would expect it to. To be honest, with a sharp edge, the MX33 feels great…just like the MX3S did. Having only three days of riding and testing on the MX33 rear, we have yet to see how the tire maintains traction as it wears, but for now, we can report that it enjoys ample acceleration and braking traction, as well as excellent side-knob bite that is predictable when sliding under acceleration.

We are very impressed with both new Dunlop Geomax MX33 tires, but it is the front rubber that really has us impressed.