El Dorado Series Finale | GoPro Onboard

Johnny Jelderda Takes You Around Comp Edge

Instagram | @Jelderda275

Last weekend, Competitive Edge MX played host to the fifth and final round of the 2017 TWMX El Dorado Series, and as usual many of Southern California’s fastest were in attendance. The TWMXRS grows with each passing round, and one relative newcomer that isn’t afraid to put the hammer down on the racetrack is Johnny Jelderda. “Jumping Johnny” contested for a few of the 250cc West Coast Supercross rounds earlier this year, but has now switched his focus to outdoors, so we strapped a GoPro on his helmet before he headed off to the starting line to bring you this onboard of the Competitive Edge “Expert” track. Jelderda rode to an undefeated day despite a few mechanical problems during one of his motos, and he was rewarded with overalls in 450 Pro and Pro-Open.