If there’s one thing we’ve noticed about the 2018 models that have been rolling out over the past few months, it’s been the return of the spring fork. Suzuki and Honda are making their return to spring forks with their respective new models, and although Yamaha has always stayed with spring, they’ve made upgrades to their popular KYB SSS front fork for the YZ450F. We’ve been critical of the air forks on several models, with the exception of the WP 48 mm AER fork, but looking at the industry as a whole, there’s no doubt that the debate between air and spring forks is one of the hottest topics out there. We turned to enzo racing’s Ross Maeda, one of the most knowledgeable guys out there when it comes to suspension, to get the science behind fork development and try to find an answer to which fork is the future for motocross.