The way information is viewed constantly changes in the modern era and now it's common for everyone t0 share what they're up to at any moment. That's exactly the premise of Facebook Live, the social media platform's creation which allows users to broadcast their experiences to others around the world. We've taken notice of the tool recently and thanks to our massive amount of followers (1.7 million and counting), the feedback has been phenomenal.

Yesterday swap stopped by the Kawasaki Supercross test track in Corona, California, and caught up with Ryan Villopoto. Although retired from the full-time grind of professional racing Villopoto has signed up for the Aus-X Open in Sydney, Australia, this November. In between motos on the track, swap and RV busted out a twenty-minute Facebook Live interview that we’ve shared below. Not enough for you? There’s even some footage of him riding. Enjoy…