While most motocross videos shoot the top talents in professional racing and sometimes feature amateur riders, the focus of FAST. is purely a pair of soon to be stars in the next generation. In our time with the Mumford and Shimoda families, we learned the true devotion that is necessary to make it in this sport. Both riders have experienced challenges and low points, but it’s clear that their triumphs make it all worthwhile.

This chapter showcases the Shimoda family business here in the united States. SoCal MXTF is a home base of sorts that provides Japanese racers that travel here from Japan to train and ride with everything they need from authentic Japanese food,  housing a gym and everything in between. The entire program is run out of the Shimoda’s home in Menifee, California, and Jo’s Mother Ai is essentially the head of the household, while her husband lives in Japan working to help sustain his family here in the US.