While most motocross videos shoot the top talents in professional racing and sometimes feature amateur riders, the focus of FAST. is purely a pair of soon to be stars in the next generation. In our time with the Mumford and Shimoda families, we learned the true devotion that is necessary to make it in this sport. Both riders have experienced challenges and low points, but it's clear that their triumphs make it all worthwhile.

This is a full chapter from the film and this particular chapter’s purpose in the documentary was to emphasize just how far some families are willing/able to go for the sake of their child’s future in this sport. Contributor Chase Curtis and myself headed to The Mumford Compound to film with Mumford and Shimoda for a few hours, then took a tour of the entire facility, which houses a number of Supercross tracks including an outdoor track, so sit back and check out this full scene from FAST.