New gear season is here. A few weeks back we stopped by a launch party hosted by Troy Lee Designs in celebration of their 2018 collection of motocross apparel. Intrigued by the mix of simple lines and bold designs, we grabbed Maki Ushiroyama for a quick rundown of the jerseys, pants, and helmets. “It’s okay if you don’t like it but hopefully it grows on you,” joked the brand’s Creative Director on camera. “A lot of people say, ‘Oh Maki, I don’t know about that.’ And ‘I don’t know’ is a good answer for me because that means I created something new.”

There’s a theme to TLD’s 2018 gear with the “Unlock Your Combination” slogan as the color palette used across all products is similar and allows someone to mix and match looks that are mild to wild. In fact, there’s an app loaded with the full catalog that will let you put each piece together for a set of gear that is uniquely yours.

The 2018 collection of gear from Troy Lee Designs is available now at retailers and online at troyleedesigns.com