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During our recent run up to Idaho for the FLY Racing Summer Camp, we had the chance to spin laps while wearing the updated version of the POD K8 knee brace. The Australian brand has become known for producing high-quality knee braces that are designed to be used in a variety of sports, from motocross to wakeboarding, and the continued development of the K8 has resulted in their best brace yet. The frame is now made of forged carbon, the Vectra Fibres used for the ligament placed the hinge is stronger than the previous pieces, and the fasteners around the leg are easier to set, the adaptive cuffs accommodate muscle motion and disperse energy, and antimicrobial liners enhance comfort while reducing odor. With all of this, the brace boasts CE certification and is an approved medical device.

To learn more about the brace, we sat down with POD’s Brett Nicholas and had him run through the many features.