FMF’s Flying Machine Stories | Ep. 001

Riding with WLF's

Our friends over at FMF just sent us over a link to their latest creation titled “Flying Machine Stories” which dives into the reason we all ride. Everyone has a different story, and this series kicks off with a rad crew of Endure riders. Press play! Note: Have a story of your own? head over to and submit it – you may even be featured in an upcoming episode…

From FMF:


Is it the mental escape? Is it the feeling of flight? Is it capturing the unknown?

For certain it is the sensation you feel at the end of the day. The ride makes us more aware of who we are. The trail transports us to an indescribable state of mental and physical satisfaction.

We need to see beyond the racetrack to feel the fabric binding everyone who rides. We want to share your story. This is the first chapter in a series where we will dig deep, and find our roots.

The journey opens with WLF Enduro. WLF is a hardcore off-road crew who have gained a global following through sharing their backcountry adventures. The story begins here at the Flying Machine Factory. Watch the video, and meet the Wolfpack.

To coincide with the launch of the Flying Machine Stories Episode 001 we have released a Limited Edition FMF/WLF Apparel Collection. Click below to shop…