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There’s no denying it, two-strokes are popular right now, and understandably so. They’re cheap, easy to work on, fun to ride, lightweight, and they produce sounds and smells that bring many riders back to their first days on a dirt bike. Americans are not the only ones to embrace this two-stroke revolution either. Europe’s Toofast Media Group created a series all about two-strokes, and in this episode, they take a deep dive into the story of South Africa’s Neville Bradshaw.

From Toofast Media Group…

The two stroke story continues. South African racer Neville Bradshaw continues on his quest to become the British Two-Stroke Champion. He must do battle at the epic Hawkstone park in order to lay his claim for the crown. Meanwhile, his addiction to the smokers has led to the purchase of a 1997 CR125. We join Nev for a face melting session on his new toy. Why you ask? FOR THE LOVE OF 2 STROKES!