Jarryd McNeil | How to Whip a Dirt Bike

Instructional Video By Grip Clean



Learning how to whip a dirt bike is something many motocross riders aim for, and Jarryd McNeil may just be the perfect teacher for the subject. Press play on this video produced by his sponsor Grip Clean, and remember to be safe out there!

From Grip Clean:

Five-time XGames ‘Best Whip’ medalist Jarryd McNeil shares step by step instructions on how to whip a dirt bike/motocross bike.

To see Jarryds full interview and 8 key steps written out, CLICK HERE.

We hope this video sheds light on some important tips and tricks to help you guys to learn to whip. Please remember this video is for informational purposes only, and we do not recommend going and hucking yourself off of large jumps to try and be like Jarryd. Take your time, start small and slowly, and remember these take years of practice.