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The field is set for the 2015 Red Bull Straight Rhythm! An event unlike any other on the schedule, it pits the top motocross riders against each other for a sprint do a completely straight Supercross-style course. No turns or twists. Just jumps for as far as the eye can see. The format is just as exciting, with head-to-head battles that make sure the fastest riders of the field find their ways to the finals. This is going to be good…

Competition actually began on Friday with a series of qualifying races that established the bracket for Saturday’s action. Riders that were able to figure out the flowing course were rewarded with favored spots in the order. Who do you think will cross the finish line first on Saturday? Place your picks for both the Open and Lites class, and hell, maybe make a few bucks off of your riding buddies with some “friendly wagers.”

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What’s the best part of 2015 Red Bull Straight Rhythm? That you can watch it live and completely free on our site, thanks to Those dudes always go to great lengths for their events, but making it accessible to motocross fans around the world is so bitchin’. We just ask that when you’re watching and Tweeting and Instagramming and whatever else that’s out there, show your support with a follow (@redbull) or use of the #straightrhythm hashtag.

Red Bull TV is also available as a pre-installed channel on Samsung Smart TVs, Apple TV and as a free, downloadable app on Amazon Fire TV, Kindle Fire, Xbox 360 devices, and its Android and iOS applications, allowing users to watch Red Bull Straight Rhythm no matter where they are. And there’s some good content on their channel.

2015 Red Bull Straight Rhythm | Spectator Details