The ride that boosted Mike Alessi's career.

The ride that boosted Mike Alessi’s career.

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After a disastrous professional debut at the 2004 Spring Creek National in Millville, Minnesota, 16-year-old Mike Alessi and his crew decided to leave the “Believe the Hype” t-shirts back home and quietly entered the Steel City National in Pennsylvania the following week. Not much was expected of the young 120-pound rookie, and that could’ve possibly relieved some of the pressure as he lined up with guys like Ricky Carmichael, Kevin Windham, Chad Reed, and many more that were at the top 0f the 250 class that year. It was a hard fought battle for Alessi, and with a 5-4 finish, he finished third overall on the day and stood on top of the podium with Carmichael and Windham. For Mike, it was a ride that bump-started his career and one that he will never forget, or any of us for that matter. In fact, that day in Delmont, Pennsylvania, was so special that he has kept the bike and proudly had it on display in the pits. We caught up with Alessi as he took a trip down memory lane with us.

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