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Former factory mechanic turned media member Steve Matthes has a few different ways to fill his downtime between races. Sure, there are his numerous podcast and columns that are posted on his personal website, PulpMX, but from time to time he manages to break out the tools for a few vintage rebuilds. Two of his latest bikes, a 1989 Honda CR125 and a 1988 Yamaha YZ250, are practically perfect and proof that he didn’t just round the head off of bolts in his time at Factory Yamaha. Curious to see how the old iron stacked up against the modern era, he brought both bikes to Comp Edge in California and let two very accomplished test riders, Kris Keefer and Richy Taylor, take them out for a few motos. Enjoy the video above and hit the links below to read how both restorations went for Matthes…

PROJECT 88 | 1988 YAMAHA YZ250

PROJECT 89 | 1989 HONDA CR125