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Fans of MotoGP are probably already aware of this, but let’s fill others in on the news. Dirt track racing has become the preferred practice method for elite riders in the world famous road racing series due to the fact that it’s similar to skills needed for pavement racing and much safer than motocross. Why not jump on their race bikes like motocross stars? Testing rules by the officiating body keep teams on an even playing field by limiting time aboard their full factory machines to special select tests scheduled through the year.

Valentino Rossi, one of the biggest stars of the sport’s long history, has crafted a one of a kind course in his native nation of Italy. A sprawling layout of loose soil stretches over the hills of the countryside and it’s often the site of incredible impromptu battles between road racers. Rossi and his friends recently captured one of the wicked races on camera and it’s complete with an excited Italian announcer (turn the subtitles on to read what he’s saying), so sit back and enjoy the action.