It sounds like Ryan Sipes will race a motorcycle anytime, anywhere. The former Supercross and motocross star has turned his career to the GNCC circuit, but still has found time to line-up for select Nationals on the East Coast, a handful of off-road races, and finally the International Six Days Enduro in Slovakia. That’s a lot of time behind the bars of a dirt bike.

His Muddy Creek weekend alone was quite the undertaking; after racing to 11th overall in the 450 class on Saturday, Sipes boarded a private plane and flew to Ohio for Sunday’s John Penton GNCC. His results there were just as impressive, with a second place ride in the XC1 division.

We caught up with the Kentuckian as he got ready for the first gate drop on Saturday and discussed the busy weekend, how different racing in the woods is compared to motocross, and his non-stop schedule that continues through the rest of the year.