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Who hasn’t dreamed of building their own motocross tracks? We’ve plenty of meetings with pens in hand sketching out ideas that’ll never be made, all because we don’t have the resources (not to mention land in SoCal). But if you’ve got some empty space and money set aside, you could totally make your dreams into a reality with the help of Schaefer Tracks. Shane Schaefer and Joey Kwak travel the world building tracks like the tricky EnduroCross courses, Millville and Thunder Valley National layouts, and even private paradises.

Thanks to their close friendship with event promoter Eric Peronnard, Schaefer and Kwak had a hand in the Sofia Supercross was visited over the weekend in Bulgaria. The building design at Arena Armeec made for a few issues (inability to use heavy equipment or all of the stadium floor), but the finished product was still incredible.

Need your own track? Hit up Schafer Tracks through their online accounts…

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