SLAY | The Axell Hodges Story drops tomorrow, March 28.

Axell’s father, Phillip Hodges, is a familiar face to anyone who follows his son. Creator and owner of Fenderbench, PH offers plenty of good times and laughs in our documentary.

About the Movie

TransWorld Motocross’ newest film feature delves into the world of social media moto superstar Axell Hodges. With over 250,000 followers on Instagram alone, the 20-year-old from Encinitas, California, has successfully figured out how to make a living on his dirt bike, without lining up behind a starting gate! True, as a former Amateur National Champion, Axell does have a racer's background, but the skill and style he's developed throughout the years while at play on his dirt bike are what make him truly amazing. This documentary style film gives viewers a glimpse into the "24/7 fun" world of Axell Hodges. Who is he? Why do fans love him? Why do sponsors need him? And most importantly…how did he get so skilled at riding his motocross bike?

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