Sound Of Sport | Aaron Colton

Red Bull road riding masterpiece


Words (and riding) by Aaron Colton

Sound of Sport is a series partnered with DTS Audio using top-tier sound technology to bring viewers into the world of sport in a way never before seen (or heard). The first installment of the series takes us to Donner Pass with motorcycle stunt ace, Aaron Colton.

Watching anything motorsports without good sound is like watching a foreign movie without subtitles. You may be able to piece the story together, but it still won't add up.I watch so many motorsports videos where sound is nothing more than an afterthought. That’s just not okay. We’ve all been let down by our feature film “cool guy” fake motorcycle sounds too many times.

The minute clicks and buzzes of a motorcycle are aspects of the sport typically reserved for those on the machine. But through the state-of-the-art DTS Headphone:X immersive audio technology, the sound of sport can be realized with any pair of headphones.

Every sport has its own unique array of sounds. In motorsports, the motor takes the cake in the sound department. But oftentimes, so many other sounds get left behind once they reach the screen. I was able to partner with Red Bull and DTS Audio to bring the vision of combining video and 360-degree sound to life. It’s a rare opportunity to have a canvas like Donner Pass to shred on and I could not be more stoked on how this project came together! So sit back, put your favorite headphones on and crank it!