On Friday, September 23rd, the TWMX Industry Cup will go off at Milestone MX Park, with an all-new format that will bring the fun back to the event! Today, Aaron Cooke gave us a preview of the course that will include both tracks, some pavement, and fun areas that route riders through the horse stables!  Milestone will be moving some things around to widen the lanes and the horses will be moved as well, but here is a sneak peak!

Friday September 23rd: Industry Cup

When we started the TransWorld Motocross Industry Cup race, the objective was to get the industry out for a fun day of racing. As the behind-the-scenes people in motocross, we too deserve a time to shine! The first few years were epic and good times were had by all.

But then something happened. Shit got serious! Since the first year we visited Lake Elsinore MX Park – the year KTM slaughtered everyone with its powerhouse team of Mike Sleeter, Casey Lytle and Ryan Morais – it seems that participation has waned amongst teams that may or may not have a chance to do well. So that's when we started the Desk Jockey division…a class for the never-was riders to avoid the skill and speed of the former pro racers. But even that has gotten too serious!

That said, we are changing the format of the 2016 Tretta Motoda Cup in an effort to bring back the fun, the laughs, and the good times. We're throwing out the three-moto, MXoN style format and going grand prix racing. That's right! Milestone MX Park is gonna build us a fun, long track that winds through the park and over some fun obstacles. The team aspect will still be part of the racing, but the cut-and-thrust, super-intense motocross track part of it will be less important. Stay tuned for more details, but for now, mark those calendars

  • GP Format, racing through horse barn, up Milestone Mountain, over asphalt, down the dirt 1/2 mile hwy and using both the Main and Vet tracks.
  • Pro Class (45 min), Intermediate Class (30 min), Desk Jockey Class (30 min) and the Tretta Motoda Cup Team Race – Each class will also be broken up into age groups 24 and under, 25+, 35+, 45+. Top three in each class and age group will get a trophy.
  • Team race must consist of three riders, one from each skill level (age not relevant in team race).

Interested in fielding a team? Contact your advertising sales rep or e-mail