We have all been there. It’ Saturday morning at the local track, you are mid-moto and simply enjoying your practice session. “Johnny Practice Racer” comes in hot and immediately simulates a race scenario, rev-limiter bouncing, block pass sending, and generally going about things the opposite way you were attempting to. Of course we know that practice makes perfect, and the beauty of practice is that you can approach it however you want. You certainly can’t win anything out there…or can you? In an ode to the practice heroes out there, we got everyone’s opinions on how you officially “win” practice. We were out at the Spy Ride Day and stuck our camera in a few peoples faces to see what they thought on the matter as they were all out enjoying a free practice day courtesy of Spy Optics.

**Disclaimer: This video is meant to be funny, please don’t go try and jump everything on the first lap!