Rekluse Torq-Drive Clutch Pack
Application: All bikes (tested here on 2018 Kawasaki KX450F)
Price: $349 (cable clutch bikes); $270 (hydraulic CSS); $249 (hydraulic DDS)

Rekluse first gained notoriety in the off-road world, thanks to its revolutionary auto clutch assemblies, which are used by most top-level off-road and enduro race team. In fact, thanks to the clutch’s ability to make a bike virtually impossible to stall, the system is practically a must-have for the technical Endurocross world.

But, did you know that Rekluse also makes manual clutch systems that are very highly regarded in motocross and Supercross racing, too? The Rekluse Core Manual Torq-Drive clutch system utilizes thinner-than-stock clutch and friction plates (oftentimes replacing the eight stock friction and drive plates with up to a dozen of each thinner Rekluse plates). For cable-actuated bikes like the 2018 Kawasaki KX450F we tested the product on, the kit also includes lighter-than-stock clutch springs and basket sleeves that are inserted in between the basket arms of the stock clutch basket. The original Rekluse Core Manual Torq Drive clutch kit also included an inner hub, but the more economical Torq Drive Clutch Pack eliminates the need for the aftermarket hub by changing the drive plate pattern to worth with the OEM parts.

We rode a couple motos with new stock clutch plates and engine oil before installing the Rekluse Torq-Drive Clutch Pack into our KX450F, so that we would have a good feel for the way the bike worked before installing the product. To be honest, we were blown away by the performance gains from the very first lap we took with the Torq-Drive Clutch Pack installed. Clutch pull at the lever was buttery smooth and much lighter than stock, and the engagement feel was much more positive feeling than stock. Where we really noticed the performance gains at first, however, was on our initial lap on the bike with the clutch installed. When we casually blipped the throttle to clear a jump at less than race pace, the bike hooked up and accelerated far more efficiently than stock and we actually overshot the landing by a couple bike lengths. When you apply the throttle aggressively on a 450cc motorcycle, you do not realize how much the clutch is slipping, regardless of whether you had taken a stab at the clutch lever or not. With the Torq-Drive Clutch Pack installed, acceleration is instantaneous, and the power transferred to the rear wheel is improved drastically. In fact, there were areas of the track where we thought the rear tire was spinning in soft conditions in our first two motos, but with the Rekluse clutch installed the bike hooked up and lunged forward out of the corners, making it obvious to us that the stock clutch was indeed slipping.

In racing applications, our starts have improved dramatically. Though the massive hook-up off the line requires finesse, the bike hooks up and pulls ahead once the dirt beyond the starting gate is reached. Clearing tricky jumps laid at the exits of corners is far easier, too, as the Rekluse-equipped bike hooks up and powers forward with far superior efficiency.

We’d go so far as to say that installing the Rekluse Torq-Drive Clutch Pack yields more noticeable performance gains than an aftermarket exhaust on a 450cc-class machine. Yes, it’s that good!

Last year, we rode with the complete Torq-Drive kit (including inner hub) in our Kawasaki KX450F test bike and logged over 40 hours on the original clutch plates before returning the machine to Kawasaki. With regular oil changes, the plates proved to last much longer than stock plates, as they proved as grippy at 40 hours as they did when new.