VonZipper | 2016 Day In The Dirt

The Freewheelers know how to party



This year Red Bull Day In The Dirt erupted in a muddy composition. Glen Helen Raceway shook hands with mother nature and everyone ended up soaked. It left the track a sloppy mud-slinging party where all classes got down and dirty.

It’s always an honor to be a part of Red Bull Day In The Dirt because it’s an event like no other…the epitome of Motocross. The weather definitely amplified the vibe! It attracts people from around the world. The Joe Schmo’s to the some of the biggest names in Motorcycle history to get rad on whatever type of bikes they can get to the track. We all love a reminder of why we all started riding in the first place! Imagine you and your best friends, with their best friends ripping a track to yourselves, awesome food, a great party, and old bikes! To be a crew that is so closely tied to an event like this, and a community of radical humans is unreal. The @FreewheelersRC count themselves as lucky!

That’s not all…we had an ace up our sleeves that we unveiled at the track to the exclusive audience! The VonZipper x Fasthouse collection dropped into the mud along with everyone else!