As the action is still going on with X Games online with Real Moto (CLICK HERE), Weedmaps just sent over this rad edit of Tyler Bereman at X Games giving a behind the scenes look into his trip to Minnesota. Press play, then head over and check out Real Moto!

From Weedmaps:

Tyler Bereman crushed this year's 2017 Summer X-Games and walked away with the Silver medal in the Quarter Pipe High Air and the Bronze for Best Whip. Now, he's setting his eyes on the Gold medal in Real Moto!

Follow the behind the scenes story of Tyler Bereman's quest to dominate the competition and vote for Tyler as Real Moto's fan favorite. Voting ends at 6 a.m. PST on Monday, Aug. 28. #Weedmaps #Weedmapsmoto #thenewsportsmedicine