What Could Have Been: a “True” 250cc Class

On the heels of MX Sport’s recent announcement that after careful deliberation, 250cc two-strokes will not be allowed to compete in this summer’s 250cc National Championship Series against 250cc four-strokes, we bring you this interesting video about what could have been.

Though the rule will be revisited in the future, once the CPSIA Lead Ban crisis is resolved, we can’t help but wonder what could have been this summer, had the rule been enacted.

Naturally, we filmed this video and worked on the content for a magazine feature when things looked good for the rule, and the information that lies in this video and in the magazine feature that will hit newsstands next month is both interesting and intriguing. Look to the May issue of TransWorld Motocross for tons of comparative information, including lap times from our test riders, Jason Lawrence and Travis Baker, as well as dynamometer readings, price comparisons, etc.

For now, though, enjoy the video; complete with the sweet ring-a-ding sound of a two-stroke 250 at full chat.