For the past few years, a team of Yamaha technicians has devoted their time to a special road racing project that is unlike anything we can recall seeing in motorcycling. Dubbed “MOTOBOT,” the point of the project is to have a “humanoid robot” autonomous machine circle a track at a pace similar to a world-class talent like Valentino Rossi. Yes, it’s a very ambitious goal, but there has been incredible progress made in a short time. The latest video chronicling MOTOBOT has been released by Yamaha’s Japanese division and shows the robot in a race against Rossi’s lap time at Thunderhill Raceway Park on a YZF-RM1.

While it’s incredibly unlikely we’ll see this technology come to off-road in the near-future, it’s still incredible to see a bike mimic the lean angle through turns and match speeds of a person. Check out the three video series from Yamaha…

MOTOBOT | Version One

MOTOBOT | “Meets The Doctor”

MOTOBOT | “Racing The Clock”

The Story Of MOTOBOT